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I’m making one of my short stories free for one day starting Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The story is the first of the JAMES CAMPBELL KNIGHT trilogy.  It is a time-traveling short story, about ten thousand words, closer to twelve thousand words.  For anyone looking to check out what my stories are like, now is your chance to read one without paying a penny.

I am currently working on the first of a Western trilogy I am going to write.  Hopefully, I’ll be done with the first story soon.

If you read the story, it’s up to you if you want to review it.  I am gonna try and stay away from the review sections of my books, I don’t think I want to read critics’ opinions of my work.  Of course good reviews can make an author happy, but bad reviews can ruin our day 😛

James Campbell Knight $5.99, but FREE SUNDAY JUNE 11, 2017.

James Campbell Knight is a technology titan that transforms the world around him with his inventions. When he creates a time machine, his world is changed when he runs into a dangerous opponent in the past.

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This is the finale of the James Campbell Knight trilogy.  It’s so good to finally have this story complete and on paper or digital, just to have it out there and not just in my head.  I immortalized one of my cats that died the day before I finished the book.  I put him in the last chapter of the book, nothing major and it’s not like my books are best-sellers, but at least he’ll be there for as long as my books exist in digital or paperback form.


All mortal things must come to an end and James Campbell Knight and his family are coming to the end of their time-traveling adventure when the world finds out about their time machine. This is the final story in the James Campbell Knight trilogy.

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Here is my third story I puslished to Amazon last night/today.

This is the second story to the JAMES CAMPBELL KNIGHT story I wrote.  There will be one more story making this a trilogy.  After this trilogy is done, I have a couple of handfuls of stories I still have to write, so what will be next after this trilogy is up for grabs at the moment.  I probably won’t be doing another trilogy right after finishing this trilogy.


James Campbell Knight and his family time travel into the past the way ordinary families go on trips to vacation spots. When a computer virus takes over the controls of the time machine, the world faces the end of civilization when the time machine falls into the wrong hands.

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Here are two stories that I recently finished and published on Amazon.

Both of these stories are about ten thousand words.

I can’t afford a professional editor to go through the stories, but I have been fixing errors as I read through the stories every so often.

The first story, “JAMES CAMPBELL KNIGHT” is about a famous inventor who creates a time machine and finds a dangerous enemy in the past. I don’t want to give the whole plot away, but I will mention two of the locations James visits in the story; London England in 1888 and Elizabethan London in 1599.

This story is a trilogy and I will be writing the other two books hopefully soon.


The other story I wrote is a cyberpunk story with a female character named Rebel. She is the leader of a new wave punk band. Her world is a happy one, except that corporate troops target her and her friends for some reason and Rebel has to figure out why they are after her.

REBEL $5.99


Nobody has bothered to download and read my stories yet. I don’t really have the money to advertise.  I will be writing more stories and I will mention them on my blog.

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When I was a teen, I hung out by myself mostly. I sat on a bench dreading lunch hour because everyone else had someone to hang out with. I was a loner. Sometimes my so-called “friends” would show up to chat with me. One of the few times some of these “friends” were sitting there with me, I brought up the subject of if a person traveling into the future could see their future self.  This had been the subject of the second Back to the Future movies and I had worked out the problem and come to the conclusion that you couldn’t see your future self.  Anyhow, two of my friends started discussing the problem between themselves, Johnny and I forgot the other guy’s name, and they left me out of the discussion completely.  Well, this post is mine and I get to explain my thoughts on future travel and what would happen if you tried to see your future self.  I’m providing a chart that I’ll explain so you can follow my logic.

I had already done a similar chart for Youtube where I explained everything, but my videos don’t last very long.  I take them down after a time.  I had a great lightsaber video I had done, with sound effects and all; I deleted that as well.


The chart above is pretty simple to understand if you start off with the present.  It is October 26, 1985 according to the Back to the Future I movie where Doc is explaining to the camera his “temporal experiment”. The past is irrelevant for this discussion because we are only dealing with traveling to the future. The future is always to the right. The line in thick black is the original, unbroken timeline if there were no such thing as Doc’s time machine and no ability to jump through time.

The alternate future timeline happens when Marty and Doc jump from the year 1985 to the year 2015. From the point Marty and Doc arrive in October 21, 2015 toward the future the timeline has changed, it is no longer the original, unbroken timeline and I’ll explain why below.

The only thing left to explain is the skipped timeline and the jump.  The skipped timeline is what Marty and Doc jump over when they go from October 26, 1985 to October 21, 2015. The jump itself is pretty much self-explanatory, Marty and Doc use a flying Delorian that is also a time machine to jump back and forth through time.

Alright, in the movie, Back to the Future II, Marty and Doc head from the year 1985 to the future, 2015. In the future Marty gets to meet himself as an older, middle-aged, working stiff that never made anything of himself because he busted his hand in a car accident and he couldn’t play his guitar anymore. I wondered to myself if this could actually happen if a person could travel into the future, if a person would actually meet their future self.

You can’t according to me and I’ll explain that now. When Marty and Doc got into the Delorian and flew off into the future, they skipped time to arrive in the year 2015.  So they never went through the years 1986 to 2014 because they used the time machine to jump over those years and arrive in the year 2015.

To people that knew Marty, it would seem that he had winked out of existence for all those years and then suddenly he reappears 30 years later, still as young as the day he vanished. There would be no future middle-aged Marty for 1985 Marty to meet because Marty had vanished for all those years. Thus, Marty and Doc changed the original timeline by skipping all those years that Marty would have normally gone through if there were no time machine, thus you get the alternate timeline with no middle-aged Marty.

If Marty took the time machine and went back to 1985, and Doc stayed in the future, then future middle-aged Marty would show up for Doc to meet, but 1985 Marty would have to basically go through the years 1986 to 2015 to meet Doc in the future.

So basically, Marty cannot meet his future self because he physically skipped over all those years.  He was not actually there to go through all those years and grow into a middle-aged man in 2015.

Some of my “friends” talked about how as long as Marty planned to go back, that should be enough to see his future self, but my point of view is that you have to actually go back into the past and go through time normally to actually show up in the future. In other words, as long as 1985 Marty is physically in 2015, middle-aged Marty can not exist.

Hope it wasn’t too confusing for anyone.

p.s. I just thought of another example that, I think, reconfirms my view. Einstein, Doc’s dog.  When he is sent one minute into the future, where is the Einstein of one minute before?  When Einstein re-appears one minute later, there aren’t two Einsteins at the same time separated by one minute.  Now, that was just a movie device, but the idea to me is that old Einstein took a trip in a time machine, old Einstein wasn’t eating a bowl of Kal Kan, he wasn’t fetching Doc’s slippers, Einstein got in a time machine and was the first person/dog go into the future, so he is physically in the time machine and he ended up one minute in the future, that’s the only Einstein that would appear one minute in the future, because there was no other Einstein doing anything else other than taking a trip one minute into the future.  So Back to the Future II got it right with Einstein’s one-minute time travel experiment, they got it wrong with 1985 Marty meeting middle-aged Marty in the future.

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