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This story I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  In my mind I saw it and felt it and it was beautiful, but I didn’t know how it would turn out because it was a romantic story with very little action and next to no violence.  And the ending is not action-packed or anything like that.

Well, the story came out better than I had thought.  It is pretty much the way I envisioned it and I’m very proud to have it finally outside of my head and on digital/paper for people to read.

Nobody has read one of my books yet, I don’t sell my stories cheap.  I might be shocked to find someone actually bought one of my stories these days.  I hope they are pleasantly shocked by how good my stories are.

has been $5.99

Kevin Scott once had it all. He reached the dizzying heights of stardom. He had fame and fortune, but fourteen years later he is a has been actor that has to get use to getting through life the way ordinary mortals do.

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