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You can look up who invented the Mandela Effect label, but basically a group of people recollect that Mandela died in the ’80s in prison and yet only recently did that person actually die. The Mandela Effect is basically people having memories of things that they recall, but that apparently never happened according to actual history.

I have two such events that I recall and these events appear to have never happened.

When I was a teen, we got our first VCR *Video Cassette Recorder* and we rented movies to watch.  We had rented the Rambo movie “First Blood” and I recall seeing a scene in that movie that apparently nobody else recalls. Years later when I was in the military a friend and I were discussing the scene I am going to share with you and he had never seen that scene and I told him I recalled the scene very well. He thought I might be remembering some other movie, but I recall the scene very clearly.

The scene I am talking about happens after Rambo meets with the widow of a Vietnam buddy he was hoping to visit with. Rambo walks up to a Mom and Pop burger joint.  It’s a small place with an open window and some guy is behind the opening as Rambo orders a burger, a raw hamburger. I recall the guy behind the window doing like a double take, but this isn’t that clear anymore.  The guy prepares the raw paddy and puts it on buns and we then see Rambo eating the burger.  That’s what I recall.  After this you get to see Rambo heading into town and getting in trouble with the sheriff.  I know in the actual movie Rambo was looking for a place to eat when the sheriff drives him to the border, but that’s how the scene went when I saw First Blood back then, Rambo ordered a raw burger and ate it.  The scene is still pretty clear in my head.

I’ve never met anyone who saw that scene.

The other thing that I recall, but doesn’t seem to have ever happened is from the Little House on the Prairie TV show. I recall Laura Ingalls as a young girl walking in a library and she comes up to the counter and the whole scene around her transforming from the late 1800’s to modern times sometime around the 1970s or ’80s. Laura also is now wearing modern clothes.  That’s all I remember about that scene, but I’ve never seen it again.  I’ve watched all the Little House in the Prairie episodes, at least all the ones where she is a young girl and that scene doesn’t exist.

Perhaps my memories of these two scenes are mixed up with something else I saw, but I still see the Rambo raw burger scene pretty clearly in my head.  It was Stallone and not any other actor.  I’m not so sure about Melissa Gilbert because I’m not sure where that scene of her in the transforming library would fit.

I put these accounts on some different comment sections before.  Now I get to put them up on my own site so people that read this can decide for themselves what they think might be the reason for these scenes that don’t seem to exist.

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