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This story I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  In my mind I saw it and felt it and it was beautiful, but I didn’t know how it would turn out because it was a romantic story with very little action and next to no violence.  And the ending is not action-packed or anything like that.

Well, the story came out better than I had thought.  It is pretty much the way I envisioned it and I’m very proud to have it finally outside of my head and on digital/paper for people to read.

Nobody has read one of my books yet, I don’t sell my stories cheap.  I might be shocked to find someone actually bought one of my stories these days.  I hope they are pleasantly shocked by how good my stories are.

has been $5.99

Kevin Scott once had it all. He reached the dizzying heights of stardom. He had fame and fortune, but fourteen years later he is a has been actor that has to get use to getting through life the way ordinary mortals do.

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This is the finale of the James Campbell Knight trilogy.  It’s so good to finally have this story complete and on paper or digital, just to have it out there and not just in my head.  I immortalized one of my cats that died the day before I finished the book.  I put him in the last chapter of the book, nothing major and it’s not like my books are best-sellers, but at least he’ll be there for as long as my books exist in digital or paperback form.


All mortal things must come to an end and James Campbell Knight and his family are coming to the end of their time-traveling adventure when the world finds out about their time machine. This is the final story in the James Campbell Knight trilogy.

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