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I got online twenty years ago, give or take a bunch of days. I had gotten a 3.5″ diskette from Prodigy and logged on in December of ’96. I don’t recall much of that month I was online, except for this chatroom where a guy and two girls were chatting. I had my moniker “DarkHero” and one of the girls asked me about the name. I left the chatroom soon after and that’s all I recall of my first month online.  Everything was new to me.  That little adventure was cut short after I got the phone bill.  I was charged thousands of dollars and lost the phone line and internet connection for the month of January.  It wasn’t till February of ’97 that I finally came back online and I have been online pretty much ever since.

I created my first website in those early days, it was a Dungeons & Dragons cartoon website. I learned some HTML coding so I could build my website and my ISP provided the hosting of my website. I would lose interest in the website and it would remain abandoned for long stretches of time and then I would come back and update it for a while and lose interest again.  Eventually I took in down around 2012 and I haven’t brought it back since.

I have spent a long time online and I have used many different forms of communication with other people around the world, from Powwow *now defunct* to ICQ, Newsgroup forums, chat rooms on websites and on and on. I feel I was inoculated to social media like Facebook because I burned out on chat long ago, unlike teenies and people who just got online recently and find themselves addicted to social media like Facebook.

I don’t recall when it started, but I began to notice that the old style of internet from the ’90s had been disappearing. You can still find those old websites, they have a plainness about their layout and if they have a lot of links, many, if not most, of the links will be broken. A lot of those old web sites have vanished because they were on defunct hosts like Geocities and Angelfire, so when those hosts went out of business, all those web sites disappeared.

Some of those old sites were just abandoned or the owners died and the sites remained like ghosts, shells of once active websites. I visited Russell Johnson’s web site before his death. Russell played the Professor in Gilligan’s Island. I also visited Bob Denver’s site and Dawn Wells’ site. Bob played Gilligan and Dawn Wells was Mary Ann. Russell’s site has since disappeared after his death and Bob’s is still there I believe. Dawn Well’s site is still there and still has a broken link to Russell Johnson’s website. I believe she has moved on to Twitter and so her website is no longer very active.

Dawn Wells’ Web Site

Bob Denver’s Web Site

Russell Johnson’s web site is no longer around.  You can’t even find it on Archive.org anymore.  Some guy with the same name appears to have taken over the domain and all of the Professor’s thoughts online have been erased.

The same thing happened to my old website. Some company took over my ISP’s old name and they erased everything on Archive.org that had my ISP’s old domain, including my old web site. I had enough sense to download backups of my old web sites from Archive.org.  Kinda embarrassing to read my old posts.

I felt this sadness to realize that the old internet I was use to is disappearing. You’d think the internet would be forever, but as technology advances, the internet changes with the times and what we might be use to now may no longer exist in twenty years.  Perhaps those of you who were online in the ’90s might feel the same way I do.

*This was posted on December 27, 2016 on a different blog, I’m changing to this blog*

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Carrie Fisher died today. For those of you who didn’t know who she was, she played Princess Leia Organa in the original classic Star Wars trilogy from 1977 to 1983, when I was a kid.

It leaves, at least, the last of the new “star wars” films  without the original Princess Leia to finish off those three film for Disney.

I’m not a fan of anything past the original classic Star Wars trilogy so I haven’t really cared for the prequels and I have no desire to watch anything else that is coming out with the “Star Wars” label. To me, these new “star wars” movies are a travesty because they step all over the originals and destroy any accomplishments from the original that you see at the end of Return of the Jedi.

I’d have to go into spoilers, so I’ll warn you now that I have to give away somethings from the new trilogy, in case you are interested in seeing the new movies without spoilers. Han Solo is killed off in the first movie of the new trilogy, how is that for stepping all over one of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars films? Han and Leia are no longer together, how that’s for destroying the ending of Return of the Jedi?  Leia is still fighting some cause?  How’s that for undoing all that Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy and the rest of them fought for in the original trilogy?

I know Disney will milk the franchise for everything it is worth and will put out “star wars” films as long as they can squeeze out a profit out of these movies, but to me only the original classic trilogy is Star Wars.  Same goes for Star Trek, only the original TV series counts.

*This was originally published on a different blog on December 27, 2016.  I changed blogs.*

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